There are many leading phone companies that offer a wide range of phones at a range of different prices, but they can be cost-prohibitive for someone struggling to make ends meet. Without a phone, these people may struggle to stay in touch with family and friends, may have a difficult time paying bills and conducting business without access to either a computer or cell phone.

The Lifeline Phone Program

Those that have no access to a phone may also find themselves in danger without a way to notify those close to them, authorities, or medical personnel. This is more critical than ever with the onslaught of COVID-19. Those without a phone may get ill and have no way to contact anyone for help.

It is critical that those that do not currently have a phone get one if it is just for safety-sake.

The lifeline phone program offers those without a phone the ability to get one. Lifeline phone providers Oklahoma can help you apply for a phone, while making sure you meet the qualifications for the phone.

Affordable Services

There are both government programs and state of Oklahoma programs that offer free phones. Those that are members of certain government programs make them automatically eligible for a free lifeline phone. Check with national and local organizations to see if you qualify for free or nearly-free  mobile phones.