So, you’re an English major. By now, you’re probably a bit tired of being asked by just about anyone and everyone, “What are you going to do with that?” But fear not. There are many great professional paths for English majors, and some of the most successful people in industries like business and technology have their English degrees to thank for learning to think critically about the world and move up corporate ladders. Here are a few job opportunities for English majors that fit the skills English majors develop over their time in college.

Marketing and PR

Entering the business world is not only for finance or accounting majors. Many English majors are able to find their niche in the business world right after graduation through marketing and public relations departments, where they can use their excellent writing skills to craft stories and press releases for companies that are in dire need of good writers. Plus, there are plenty of entry-level positions within these industries available, so whether you want to search for PR firms in Portland Oregon or marketing firms in Chicago, Illinois, you should be able to find job openings.


The intricate level of analysis English majors practice on a daily basis over the course of their undergraduate careers feeds right into the skills needed by successful lawyers. Many lawyers first honed their craft as English majors and found success both in law school and professionally because of their abilities to think critically about a situation and apply the analysis necessary to understand a case to their daily work. Law is a perfect field for English majors because it is a practical application of many of the skills that English majors so carefully develop in college.


Teaching is an exercise in taking data or evidence and communicating it effectively to reach an audience. In essence, it’s not so different from what English majors do when they construct an argument in a paper or an oral presentation. English majors make great teachers because they are great communicators. Whether it be math, science or history, English majors know how to take information in a textbook and communicate it to their students in a way that reaches them.

Marketing and PR, law and teaching are all job opportunities in which English majors can thrive. So don’t believe the bad reputation that a degree in English receives as it relates to the job market. With an English degree, you’ll be able to not only get a job but thrive in it.