Should your establishment offer alcoholic beverages? Proprietors have to decide whether the cost of license and training is worth the time and expense. For many owners, though, the option adds several benefits to a business, especially a restaurant. A glass of wine or beer can bring in a good profit margin if priced appropriately. In addition, guests who tend to have a drink may socialize more, staying longer and ordering more. Those in charge should weigh the pros and cons of adding beer and wine to the menu. Here are four things that should be considered.

  1. Know the Laws

What do local codes demand for restaurant owners? For example, how much does a license cost? How often must it be renewed? Are there inspections? Know the protocols to stay within regulations. That means understanding the hours of operation and the legal responsibility that the establishment takes on when serving drinks. Furthermore, be sure to hang up the liquor license Houston TX where inspectors and diners can see it.

  1. Train Employees

Those serving are representing the company. All staff members should card customers consistently. Discuss how to ask for ID and what to look for. In addition, help them understand if and when someone should be cut off. That includes how to handle various situations within the law and with the best service.

  1. Spot Check Sales

Don’t become lax. Remember that restaurants hold certain legal and moral responsibilities when serving alcohol. Managers may want to have periodic complimentary diners complete guest checks. This keeps employees on their toes. These diners eat for free and then complete an evaluation on how they were treated. This includes whether alcohol sales were done appropriately. This is an extra set of eyes to keep everything above board.

  1. Crunch Numbers

More people may choose to eat in a place with drinks. It’s simply another choice for them. With that said, owners should still review the cost of the product and how much customers are going to pay. Make sure that the difference is worth the effort. Carry labels that are interesting but don’t break the bank. Offer a house brand and consider whether happy hour prices are affordable.

At the end of a long week or day, some customers simply want to kick back with a glass of wine. Offering a selection of beer and wine, then, could be a draw for a restaurant; plus, it’s adding to the overall tab, hopefully increasing revenue. Be aware of laws and whether the pricing works for clientele