Singapore from year to year is included in the ratings of the richest, safest, least corrupt countries with the highest level of education and medicine. It is not surprising that many Russians, having lived for some time in Singapore or having heard enough about the delights of life in the country from friends, begin to think about obtaining permanent residence (PR) or Singapore citizenship. If this is your case, then the following information may be useful to you: 


Every year, about 30,000 people receive permanent residence status in Singapore. Following are advantages of permanent residence status in Singapore:

  • The right to live and work in a safe country with a stable economy, developed infrastructure, social guarantees and a temperature of +28 degrees Celsius 365 days a year,
  • Singapore permanent residence is issued indefinitely (once every 3-5 years you will need to renew your entry and exit permit (Entry and Re-Entry Permit)
  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence in Singapore for yourself, your spouse and unmarried children under 21, including adopted children
  • The opportunity to obtain long-term visas for your parents

Possibility of obtaining Singapore citizenship

  • The opportunity to receive high-quality education for children in local schools at affordable prices
  • The right to purchase land in Singapore
  • The right to purchase low-cost apartments in public housing estates (HDB)
  • The right to purchase condominiums without high stamp duties for foreigners 
  • The ability to take long-term and mortgage loans with minimal interest rates,
  • The ability to open bank accounts in the best banks in Singapore
  • Ease of device and change of place of work
  • The opportunity to open a business in Singapore and the right to be a director in an unlimited number of Singapore companies, 
  • Contributions to the Pension and Reserve Fund (CPF), from which you can pay for the purchase of housing, partial expenses for education and medicine, receive a pension when you reach retirement age, or withdraw savings if you refuse permanent residence status
  • State benefits and subsidies in the field of health care, education and taxation


There are several main programs in Singapore, according to which it is possible to obtain permanent residence in Singapore for foreigners: relatives, professionals working in Singapore, investors, students and artists. 

The following categories of citizens are eligible to apply for permanent residence status in Singapore:

  • Spouse of a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore 
  • Legally born and adopted unmarried children of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident under the age of 21 
  • Elderly parents of a Singapore citizen
  • Holders of work visas Employment Pass or S Pass
  • Students studying in Singapore
  • Foreign investors
  • Foreign artistic talents,

Holders of work visas Employment Pass or S Pass or Entrepreneur Pass

The most common program for obtaining permanent residence in Singapore is the PTS scheme, designed for foreign professionals, technical staff and skilled workers (or) who are already working in Singapore.

Anyone who is officially employed in Singapore and holds an Entrepreneur Pass or S Pass can apply for permanent residence (PR) in Singapore. 

The primary requirement is that the applicant must be working in Singapore territory at the time of application. This means that you must either find a job in Singapore, or open your own company, move to Singapore on a work visa (Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass or S Pass) and after that you can apply for permanent residence (PR).

Investors and entrepreneurs:

The fastest program for obtaining permanent residence in Singapore is the Global Investor Program (GIP). This program is suitable for investors who are interested in starting a business, family office or investing in Singapore. Under this program, you can apply for permanent residence immediately for yourself and your family (spouse and children).