14 Great Staffing Agencies to Help You Kick Start Your Job Search |  Glassdoor

In the hiring industry, staffing firms Boston are recognized as a proven way for job seekers to quickly get a permanent or temporary position. Recruiters have the connections, knowledge and expertise you don’t have on your own. Here are a few ways agencies can help you when you are job hunting.

Hidden Job Market

Staffing firms have access to the hidden job market, which are those jobs that aren’t advertised to the general public. Recruiters spend a lot of time building relationships with local companies. Because of this, instead of posting positions themselves, hiring managers will often give job openings directly to recruiters to handle. They also routinely pass over to agencies confidential job openings they want to keep out of the public eye or any bulk-hiring needs when their companies add a large new team or division.

Job Market Knowledge

The average professional employee changes positions every three years. In that amount of time, the job market can change drastically. So the job search you did three years ago, may not be as effective today. Recruiters always know the pulse of the current market and their practical advice will help you navigate it successfully.

Personalized Insights

When you first meet with a recruiter at a staffing firm, he or she will spend a lot of time learning about you, your education, your experience and what type of job you want. He or she will share honest feedback with you about how your skills stand up in today’s market and will arrange interviews for positions that will be a great fit for you. After your interview, the recruiter will request feedback from the hiring manager, so you’ll know right away what your chances are for getting that particular job.

These are some of the reasons why partnering with staffing firms can help you find your next job.