Is your business COVID-immune? If not, have you planned out your prospects’ path to action yet? Since the downturn has heavily impacted many businesses, the corporate world severely calls for a dramatic switch to revive its sales funnel.

Not to worry, even if your marketing efforts seem to go in vain as in this piece of business basics, we’ll walk you through the correct approach to tweak your sales funnels in three of the most viable ways.

Think of the optimization as a magic fix that can inundate reliable conversions and simultaneously help with customer retention.

It’s all about marketing your brand, sophisticatedly. Therefore, holding on to a single technique is never enough to run a smooth flowing sales funnel. So what’s your take on it?

But wait… before you brief yours.

Have a look at some of our proven tweaks and fixes to strengthen the customer journey that is meant to surge sales and diversify revenue streams in real-time.


Though a myriad of sales challenges comes in the way of a blossoming brand, yet the two most chiefly faced concerns that businesses encounter the most are generating leads with quantity and quality.

So we’re about to spill the beans to strengthen the lead acquisition efficacy.

Firstly, gauge the entire sales funnel to monitor how the funnel works. You can either use Google analytics or any other tool or tactic to keep track of the metrics.

And most importantly, emphasize on improvising your brand’s reach, and there you are with guaranteed higher ROI.

The concept is much similar to that of affiliate marketing here tracking is key. For instance, a target affiliate program also works the same way; just track your progress and Voila! You are the king of the cover already.


Once you’re familiar with the lead acquisition process, then you have to move on crafting a winning content marketing strategy that could get the word out to the prospects.

This is the stage where all the potential consumers get to know about your business, thus ensuring brand awareness will benefit you in the long run.

Talk about your product, run campaigns, and let the prospects learn about your brand and what concerns your product or service are made to address.

Also, hunt for genuine ideas to add pizazz to conventional marketing campaigns to make your brand appear more appealing to the buyer and to market your brand even on a tight budget.


Now when you have tweaked and optimized the sales funnel accordingly, it’s time to propel forward to the final and the most critical step that is conversions. The tactic calls for consistency, that means the marketer has to put in every possible effort to pour and turn the procured leads into conversions.

Bear in mind that if someone has made it to your subscriber list, you can convince them with your stern determination into a convert.

Also, try your best to regain the leads lost in the other stages and start assisting them back towards conversions. Evaluate your funnel and tighten the shortcomings to keep those funnels from leaking the prospects.

Author Bio 

Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter for bird of paradise linen clothing brand .  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons