As your business grows, shipping items can become a tedious task that drains your resources quickly. This is where you’re in luck, because Mintsoft has software that will greatly facilitate and expedite this task for you. The use of shipping management software is highly recommended for small businesses as it provides an efficient and streamlined means of handling shipping and fulfilment tasks. With these resources at their disposal, business owners can ship orders quickly and easily, saving both time and money that would otherwise be spent on logistics.

How this thing operates

Any shipping solution software will help you better organise and manage the shipping of your products to your customers. Incorporating delivery software into your chosen e-commerce platform can streamline and simplify the shipping process. With this taken care of, there is one less logistical hurdle to jump over. These administration programmes consolidate a plethora of useful resources for running your company into a single, user-friendly interface.

Tracking notifications are a great way to keep your valuable customers informed about the status of their orders and can be combined with other features such as bulk label printing, return management, ship, or fleet management.


E-commerce has flourished in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the speed with which an individual’s order is processed is a major factor in determining whether or not they will make a repeat purchase. Given that 79% of customers say they would switch retailers if better delivery methods were available and 52% of customers say that fast delivery options are among the top two most important factors in their purchasing decisions, you can’t afford to take shortcuts when it comes to shipping efficiency. Now that shipping is such an integral part of your brand, any major organisational mistakes can cause serious damage and even cause customers to never return.


It can be challenging and time-consuming to locate and install the best parcel management software. There shouldn’t be any barriers to using the software’s features for your company, and those features should be able to provide answers to problems that businesses everywhere face. How can you tell if you’re happy and what makes you happy? What are the essential qualities of fulfilment?

Totally Free Shipping

Offering free shipping is a tried and true method of increasing both sales conversion and decreasing cart abandonment. Because of this, patron loyalty is bolstered. Of course, there will be extra costs for your business if you offer free shipping, but there are two simple ways to make up for them:

Make minimum order values required to receive discounted shipping. By offering free shipping, you not only increase the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase from your shop, but you also remove the disincentive of having to return an unpaid delivery fee.

Faster Shipping Times

The value of offering expedited shipping options, even at a premium, cannot be overstated in today’s fast-paced world. Don’t lose them at the last step by providing only rigid shipping options; your customers know that several of your competitor’s retailers can have a version of your product delivered to their doorstep in twenty-four hours for their last-minute, urgent purchases. Some customers are more prepared than they appear in exchange for faster service. Despite the high cost, you should be able to meet the expectations of your growing base of same-day delivery customers.

Standard Shipping Rates

Any time you select a flat-rate shipping option, your business will charge you the same amount regardless of the size, quantity, or weight of the products you order. This may look like the quickest and easiest choice at first, but customers care more about shipping rates that can be adjusted to their needs.

Specification and name-recognition

When it comes to promoting customer loyalty, branding and personalization are two of the most effective marketing tools available. They aren’t mandated by law, but they make a huge difference in the shipping process. Sixty percent of buyers believe that branded packaging makes a product seem more high-end, and forty percent say they are more likely to promote the brand in the future because of it.