People are always looking for alternative options that can help them save a few more coins and at the same time be friendly to the environment. The goal is not only to reduce the carbon footprint n your home but also find an option that is largely affordable and will save you some money. One great way to kill two birds with one stone is finding the best domestic heating solutions like an air source heat pump. It is a great solution to replace the use of fossil fuels with a natural alternative heat source that is cleaner and cheaper.

What are Air source heat pumps?

These pumps are one of the best alternatives ways of heating your home by allowing home dwellers generate warm air or hot water by basically utilising the heat outside your home. It makes the mechanisms behind a refrigerator to operate but the functionality is reversed. A fridge removes energy from an insulated box and moves it outside whereas works by taking the energy from the air outside then converts it to heat and moves it inside the house thus keeping the surrounding warm enough.

Can you actually save money with these pumps?

Heating your home with electricity will save you approximately 50-60%. The math that goes into these calculations are basic. An electric baseboard generally produces just one kWh for a KWh of electricity. Comparing this to air source heat pumps, you would realise that heat pumps produce approximately three kWh of heat for every electricity.

There are a variety of factors that one should consider when estimated the energy savings in a home because e there are different home specific characteristics that are at play. Such characteristics could include wall insulation, rating of the heat pump, occupancy, size of the home and the layout of the home among others.

Some studies done by CHMC have indicated that replacing gas or oil furnaces with heat pumps could save a homeowner energy of 57-81%. This margin is quite significant, meaning that the correlating costs could be significant too.

Furthermore, these pumps are quite easy to access and service. Regular service and maintenance will enable you enjoy extended service life. The fact that they can easily make use of more supplemental energy to function especially when the surroundings get colder, the costs that you will end up bearing in your utility bills would be significantly lower.

These pumps have the potential of saving you approximately 30-40% or even more on your utility bills. But to enjoy significant savings, you should ensure that you properly service your heat pumps frequently. Nevertheless, while choosing our heat pump, consider the element of climate since different pumps perform differently in different climates. Find one that works best in your area. Installing the right pump will see you save a lot of money on utilities.


There are few things you can take home from these pumps including:

  • The hassle-free nature of the installation if the heat pump technology because it can you just less than a day to fully install the system.
  • Choosing to install these heat pumps will see you save a lot of money in comparison with other heating sources and it will just take you roughly 1-5 years to fully repay the investment cost.
  • They can be supplemented by other sources of energy to boost their performance so you don’t have to worry about getting cold when it gets colder outside.