Even when vehicle lettering can be highly instrumental to a particular company or brand, many still ponder upon common myths spread around it. Due to these myths, many companies still hesitate to use vehicle lettering for the advertisement of their services.

So here’s the blog debunking the common myths around vehicle lettering.

Myth 1- Leased Vehicles Cannot Be Wrapped

Leasing vehicles for delivery and brand advertising is a common practice. But many fear wrapping them due to legal and safety issues. Thousands of cars are leased and wrapped with a brand advertisement without any problems. Though the lease agreement should be thoroughly checked, most leased vehicles allow lettering.

Myth 2- Paint May Get Damaged due to Vehicle Lettering

Wrapping a vehicle by no means damages the base layer of paint. The lettering material is wrapped with the utmost care keeping a slight space between the paint layer and the adhesive layer of the wrap. Removing too is done with care, keeping in place the paint without causing any harm to it.

Myth 3- The Removal Process is Messy

Many believe that removing the wrap is a difficult process. But premium quality wraps are not at all difficult to remove and they go off without damaging a single inch of paint provided it is done by professionals with the utmost care.

Myth 4- It is Dangerous to Wrap Windows

Due to safety issues, the windshield is never wrapped with graphic vinyl. But side windows can easily be wrapped without much safety issues. The vinyl wrapped on side windows is specifically designed in such a way that people inside can see the roads without much trouble.

Myth 5- Vehicle Wraps Are Costly

It is true that vehicle wraps come in a variety of prices. It completely depends on the budget of a particular company that wishes to install it. Cheap vehicle wraps can damage the car and its paint layers. On the flip side, expensive wraps come with all sorts of benefits that do not damage the paint.

Myth 6- It’s Not Worth the Investment

Vehicle wrapping is worth the investment as they move from place to place, advertising more, and attracting a greater crowd who could be potential customers helping in brand development and growth.


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