Web accessibility has become a legal mandate for businesses in the USA and several other nations in the world. Every business must ensure that its website is accessible to everyone, including those with a physical disability like people with visual impairments, auditory impairments, cognitive disorders, and the like. In order to identify and rectify web accessibility issues, the business, in the past, had to resort to manual techniques. They can hire a web developer to check the site to make changes to the accessibility issues. From the above, it is obvious this process costs a lot of money and entails a lot of effort as well.

The challenge with the manual process for fixing web accessibility issues was that small business owners had to incur a lot of financial hardships. They have limited resources when it comes to manpower and money. For them, hiring web developers to fix web accessibility issues was very expensive. Their larger counterparts generally had their own IT teams to deal with the problems. However, they found hiring web developers for the task to be very costly, along with the extra money they had to pay for site maintenance charges.

Comprehensive and cost-effective solution for small business owners

AccessiBe is a unique and comprehensive solution for small to large business owners who are struggling to fix the web accessibility and compliance issues of their websites. It sports contextual understanding and artificial intelligence technology to manage the complicated adjustments associated with web accessibility like keyboard navigation and the optimization of the screen reader. The tool is automated, and it can carry out the changes to the website within a short time frame in an affordable way.

How does this advanced solution help blind users?

Website visuals are better with this tool. People with visual impairments are able to follow the site’s flow. So long as the layout of the site makes sense, the tool does not face problems with the code.

The AI technology of this solution applies a uniform thinking process while analyzing the site. It visually matches the behavior and the elements to several past encounters to pick up from the context as to what the elements and their behavior do and what their purpose is.

It later applies all the required adjustments to the code so that blind people have problems accessing what lies on the screen, and the purpose of every element, precisely as it was intended for.

OCR AI Technology and Image Recognition for making site adjustments faster

This innovative tool scans all the images on the site, and whenever there are missing alternative texts (Alt Tags), it extracts the embedded text with OCR and learns about the objects that create the image with IRIS.

Once this is done, AccessiBe automatically offers elaborate and accurate text to any of the images. When a blind person visits the site, the screen reader relies on these descriptions to communicate what lies on the page, helping blind people to enhance their user experience with success!