If you’ve never considered managing your stormwater before, don’t worry. Instead, think about the following frequently asked questions to understand better what it is and why it’s essential. 

  1. What Is a Primary Contributor To Water Pollution?

The primary contributor to water pollution is stormwater. Without proper stormwater management, hardscapes don’t allow the ground to absorb water and force it to run through storm sewers. Along the way, water picks up trash and pollutants that they transfer to natural bodies of water upon arrival. 

  1. Why Is Managing Stormwater Important?

Without a management practice, stormwater will run off and cause flooding and erosion. That can lead to damage to landscaping, property and infrastructure. 

  1. What Are Green Infrastructures?

In undeveloped areas, plants and the soil catch stormwater and filter it. Green infrastructure uses these principles by relying on vegetation and the ground to restore a more natural management process. 

  1. What Are Examples of Green Infrastructure?

There are a variety of green infrastructure examples. Some of the most common include green parking, bio-swales, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable paving and stream bank stabilizers. 

  1. Why Should You Be Concerned About Stormwater?

Stormwater picks up pollutants on its way to rivers, which lead to lakes and oceans. This makes it one of the most dangerous threats to clean drinking water. However, following the EPA facility management practices can:

  • Prevent water pollution
  • Reduce flooding
  • Replenish groundwater
  • Beautify your facility
  • Cool the air
  1. What Actions Can You Take To Help?

Some of the most common actions you can take include:

  • Installing permeable paving
  • Installing bio-swales, vegetation strips and rain gardens
  • Installing green roofing
  • Mapping your stormwater
  • Implementing construction project management plans

Protecting water sources is a responsibility that everyone has. However, you can help protect this critical natural resource by improving your management plan.